My name is Shane parsons, a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist with a passion for health and fitness. My love for fitness began at a young age, after stepping into the gym for the first time I became hooked. Years of trial and error, studying and practise has allowed me to gain the experience and in-depth knowledge of training and nutrition that I have today which I am lucky enough to share with clients who are looking to become the best versions of themselves mentally and physically.

I am extremely passionate about helping men and women achieve their dream physique which is why I have developed what I believe is the highest quality, most in depth nutrition and training service in the industry. I know that to transform your body to the best of its ability it is not as simple as following a diet and training plan. With me as your coach we will cover all aspects of your life from sleep to hydration, daily habits to digestion, nutrition, training and many more of your own personal lifestyle factors resulting in a fully comprehensive tailored plan for yourself.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, perform better at your sport, improve fitness or simply wanting to get back into a healthy routine/lifestyle I am 100% dedicated to helping you achieve your goal.